It’s hard to believe that people can overcome diceases and destiny by simply the contol of their own mind. Most of us don’t realize that we could do beyond human feats unconsciously. While this may suggest that everyone could have been Olympic atheletes, it also tell us that there is a well of talent within us if we are able to tap it’s power, even the power to cure oneself. There are reported cases of people who are able to subdue AIDs and cancer. A girl was cured of AIDs and famous cyclist Lance Armstrong defeated cancer and live to tell.

That’s when the term placebo effect or placebo response comes into play. A person could cure him/herself simply by thinking that their health condition is improving, now that’s a miracle. Man-made, that is.

Placebo was experimented during World War II when soldiers that are having headaches are given different drugs to evaluate the effectiveness of trial medicine. The patients are divided into four groups: 3 groups are given composition of drugs plus an inert pill, and the forth group was given the normal cocktail, acting as the control for the experiment. Nowadays, new medicine are often tested this way and patients are notified that they are given placebo for consumption. But, what if they have no knowledge of this?

Thus, the question is: Can the mind win over the body?

Here’s a situation: Patient is told that he has a terminal illness, that there’s no cure of it, yet. Of course, normal response of the patient would be disappointed and felt no will to fight it. Health deteriorate and the condition got worse. What if there’s a healer that could do wonders and get back your life, would you try? Sometimes this may in the form of physical treatment and most of the time it’s spiritual healing, thus the term faith healer. After a few session, your condition improved. The question: Is it work of the divine, new cure or mind tricks?

History have proved that our brain could produce our own antidote, if one would have the high morale to fight it, however only at rare occasion that you’ll find people being cured of terminal illness, but nontheless, we treat this as a miracle. Our body is capable of producing immunity against dicease, if only we ownself have the right determination to face it. I’m not suggesting that all sickness of this world could be cured this way, I’m saying that at rare occasion it may happen. It requires perfect situation and condition to brew a miracle.

There are a lot of people who are willing to do anything to survive yet they fail to do so. Sometimes, we just need more luck that medicine.


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