Visit Malaysia, Sort Of

Malaysia recently launch a tourism campaign, Visit Malaysia ’07, to win the heart of travellers around the world to come and exprience the diversity of the country. Here are some famous spots that you got to visit, or they might just come to your way:

1. Be sure to bring your most expensive purses and bags and head your way to places like Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur. There, you’ll find the mythical creatures called “snatch theives”. Bet you don’t have it in your country but you’re in luck. Don’t blink or you’re miss more than your Prada.

2. It’s customary to spit and litter everywhere possible. We pride ourselves having tall building and tower, we also have the longest stretch of garbage next to riverbank, the most decorative lifts, with various grafitti art from aspiring teenagers, and last but not least, the smelliest toilet in the world. Now, that is something we Malaysian are proud of.

3. Try out the taxi cabs and be amaze at the astonishing fees for their services. They pride themselves as the only cabbies around the world that doesn’t use meter or coupons because they believe in barter system, which is to ride, give me all you got.

4. If you fancy art, head to supermarkets, service counters and buses. There you’ll see statues where they show their maniacal face of melancholy. Ah, such passion, what sorrow, to work in a city where job hours are high and the pay is low. Beside that, get trick by con artist and be baffle at their Golden Globe acting, while you hand them your last note.

5. Fancy sightseeing? We have the widest range of gender confused people and the most fashion blind shoppers.

Sigh, although it’s quite exagerrating to write all this, it’s not for those other people. It seems that have no clue or idea of the happenings around them. US needs 200 years after independence to become a civil society; we’re just past 50 years, that means we need another 150 years?

It’s sad that the nation doesn’t respond and take action against various incidents properly (e.g. BBC report on Malaysia’s treatment towards African tourist). Until then, we’ll look forward to Visit Malaysia 2157.


2 Responses

  1. emmm…that’s how u support n promote ur own country..(??)
    well, facts are facts, truths are truths… but it doesn’t make it less homely, does it?
    cases reflected do happen in other countries too, a particular one will be hosting a global sports event in two year’s time.. guess civilisation is kinna time-consuming..

  2. You also missed out be attacked with a Parang by an idiot local trying to mug you in Klang.

    Despite some of the occasional mishaps and such that I come across, I still love the damn place.

    Even when a body drifts ashore…with a piece of wood nailed to his head…at the local yacht club…

    It must be the multiple levels of culture there…

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