It’s OK to Insult?

I found this in today’s newspaper (The Star, Feb 6 2007), quite amusing, so I might as well post it up for everyone’s enjoyment:

OK to say ‘hoi pekak kah’ to cop

PENANG: Uttering the words “Hoi, pekak kah?” (Hoi, are you deaf?) at a policeman is not tantamount to breach of public peace, the High Court ruled.

In allowing lawyer R.S.N. Rayer’s appeal against his conviction by a magistrate’s court which found him guilty of using insulting and abusive language on a traffic cop, High Court Judicial Commissioner Abdul Rahim Uda said yesterday that it was part of a policeman’s job to take criticisms.

Last Aug 4, the lower court fined Rayer, 34, the maximum RM100 under the Minor Offences Act for verbally abusing Kpl Abdul Rahman Kamarul Hailan in front of a florist”s shop in Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling at 1.20pm on July 5, 2003.

During the trial, Rayer testified that he had asked Kpl Abdul Rahman whether he was deaf when the latter ignored his explanation that he was waiting in his car for his wife who was in the shop, and instead left a traffic summon on his windscreen.

I didn’t know that part of our police officers’ job is to chew criticisms or insults. In other parts of the world, this world consider as aggravate and verbal assault on law enforcers, and they should be taken into custody. Then again, why didn’t the police officer respond to his explanation?

From my viewpoint, I think both should be given a good butt spanking or two, ’cause (1) we should not double park, you don’t own the frigging road, (2) officer could have just tell him to go away because he might be disrupting traffic flow and (3) be sensible; you don’t tell people in the face if that person is a moron, even he is. My point is… can’t we all get along?

Sidenote: To further elaborate my judgement on the nation’s fine correctional officers, visit Elizabeth Wong‘s blog and her coverage on Toll Demo.


8 Responses

  1. u call that an insult? funny

    “Hoi, u pekak kah?” sounds very much like a question to me as the police ignore him in the 1st place, right?

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