Da Vinci All Over Again

The breaking news of this week is that the premier director of documentary James Cameron, well known for his movie the Titanic and other submersible expeditions. His latest work, in collaboration with Discovery Channel might respark again fans of religion anomalies since the hype of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Cameron claimed that he had found first century tombs of Jesus Chirst and his family. The Lost Tomb of Jesus will be air on Sunday at US cable. Here are some snippets:

Cameron is the executive producer of the Discovery Channel’s The Lost Tomb of Jesus. He told reporters in New York that the ossuaries not only might have contained the remains of Jesus Christ, but also could have been the final resting place of the Virgin Mary, Joseph, Mary Magdalene and Judah, the son of Jesus.


“There will certainly be those that will in some way say that we are attempting to undermine Christianity, and that’s really very far from the case,” Cameron says. “I think what this find does, and what this film does, and what this investigation does is it celebrates the real life existence of these people.”


The film’s director, Simcha Jocobovici, researched the ossuaries for more than two years. At the center of his studies are the inscriptions written on the outside of six of them. The manner in which two of the names are written led the filmmakers to believe they can be uniquely attributed to Mary Magdalene and Joseph.


Another ossuary – which perhaps is the most controversial implication – contains the inscription “Judah, son of Jesus.”

The new finding might ignite interest in pursue spiritual knowledge, or it could shake the faith of believers. Anyhow, this should be viewed as a healthy debate and not as a threat to undermine Christianity. If I had more time, I wouldn’t do a weblog and if I had internet back at my place, I would comment more about this but for right now, we just have to wait for results from the research.


For full story and a real media video of the report, head to here.

Credit goes to VoaNews.


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  1. James Cameron has discovered Je$u$, that’s pretty much the long and the short of it. BB and JMO —Doug

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