Captain America 1941~2007 (approx)

Not that I’m a big fan of comic books, (I’m more incline towards anime, otaku) but I guess this particular hero has in everyone’s fantasy and dreams since childhood. Marvel Entertainment decided to kill the superhero in their 25th issue, which was out stores yesterday. He was assassinated by a sniper at the front step of a court.

The last episode in Captain America’s life comes after the events of “Civil War,” a seven-issue mini-series that has affected nearly the entire line of Marvel’s library of titles. In “Civil War,” the government began requiring superheroes to register their services, and it outlawed vigilantism after supervillains and superheroes fought during a reality show, accidentally killing hundreds of civilians. The public likened the heroes to weapons of mass destruction that must be controlled.

The registration act polarized the superhero community. Captain America (whose true identity was Steve Rogers) considered the legislation an erosion of civil liberties; Iron Man, on the other side, believed that training heroes as the military, firefighters or the police are trained would only benefit society. When the factions came to blows and caused more destruction, Captain America chose to fight his battle in court.

But in the current issue of his title, Captain America takes bullets in the shoulder and stomach while on the courthouse steps. The assassin is alleged to be Sharon Carter, an intelligence agent romantically involved with Captain America. She was apparently under the control of Dr. Faustus, a supervillain. “It seemed a little radical when it was first brought up,” said Dan Buckley, the president and publisher of Marvel Entertainment, about the hero’s death. “But sometimes stories just take you places.”

He could have killed while saving somebody or an epic battle with super villains and monster but no, it had to be a small sniper bullet. Ironically, this is quite similar to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; maybe it was the authors intention to link the two as both have contributed much to the nation.

However comic book heroes don’t just “die” like that, easily. Apparently this is his second death:

This is not Captain America’s first brush with death. Toward the end of World War II he plunged into the ocean during a flight on an experimental plane, and he was presumed killed in action. Actually, he was encased in ice and in a state of suspended animation. Many years later he was discovered by the superhero group the Avengers and thawed out to continue his career.

Well, resurrecting heroes are quite a good marketing strategy that have been proven by time. The femme fatale Lara Croft, the mid air suspender Superman and the sleuth Sherlock Holmes are just a few that follow the trend.

Credit to NYtimes.


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