Blogroll Updated

I didn’t get a chance to give a brief description of the links I recommended in the blogroll. These are the links as well as some new ones:

Hemmy and Xenvideo: Lots of stuff to explore and see. Most of the stuff you find inside your mailbox are available there.

Imran on Tech: For geeks like me who like science and technology.

Snopes: Controversial made uncontroversial. Find the truth behind lies or lies behind the truth being told.
Skeptics Dictionary: For those who are skeptical about everything from aliens to spiritual knowledge.

The new ones are:

Chirs Pirillo: Probably my favorite geek of all time. Used to be TechTV’s Call for Help show host. He’s had tons of interesting stuff wrote there, most of them about tech. Also check out his weekly site recommends.

Dvorak Unsensored: John C Dvorak, tech analyst’s blog, for those who are interested in Web 2.0 issue and other security related stuff. Also on tech.

Kennysia: Consider local hero. Made famous for his Photoshops and he’s desired for Sarawak food, and ladies too.

Check ’em out at the right side corner. Signing out…


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  1. Nice blog!

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