Networking not Net Working

Ah, finally I’ve found sometime off my usually busy schedule of reading and studying and just lay back and write something for the blog. My usual order of task whenever I get the chance to log on to the net was check mail, check wordpress blogs and read google news, and last but not least, update on what’s happening with my friends in Friendster.

Before I get into the main point, let’s chat about some facts about Asian people in internet social network. Now, friendster is quite popular among Asia region teens. It’s the same thing with MySpace and Facebook for the folks in US. Majority of the occupants for Friendster came from South East Asia country, such as Indonesia, Filipines and yes, Malaysia.

Malaysian. Ah, one thing that will strike everyone’s head is, we Malaysian like to be the first in everything. Look, we have the world’s hardest F1 track which will haunt Schummy forever. We also have the world’s tallest building (now it’s second, or third) which might be the first building in the world which look like two giant corn stick up into the sky. We also have the world’s first leaking immigration office.

And now, the latest creation by Malaysian people. We are (note that I don’t despise Malaysian, ’cause I’m proud to be one too, but not like those people that I’m going to flame afterwards) either illiterate, uneducated or we are just plain stubborn. vanillamonkey! is proud to present the top five things you can find in your friendster, made by us:

5. Friendster is closing down. Yes, it’s been a few years. Yes, after a few million forward messages later, Friendster is yet to close down. The fact is Friendster is one, privately funded Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers and Benchmark Capital and it’s estimated worth 53 million dollars. Back then, Google offered then 30 million to buy ’em up but they declined. A lot of people speculated that the company would turn bankrupt because of this move and even Associated Press consider it as the biggest blunder of Silicon Valley. Nonetheless, Friendster is still quite strong, financial wise and they would be closing it down, soon.

4. Don’t add this blog to your favorite list, this is a virus. It will eat through your hollow brain that you have. Classic message brought to you by the wonderful people of Friendster. Now, logically people, how would adding a person would ’cause you to have a virus. I understand the power of CSS and embedded media but never have I seen anyone manipulating it to deliver viruses to anyone. “Worst still”, quoted one of the message ” it’s a terrible hard disk killer”. If anyone have a “horrible hard disk eating Friendster virus”, I really really want to see, if not, you have the intelligence that wouldn’t even match up with my washing machine’s fuzzy logic.

3.  Testimonial [n] Something that serves as evidence; Something given or done as an expression of esteem; Something that recommends (or expresses commendation) of a person or thing as worthy or desirable. After having 150 plus testimonial, I’ve to say that only 20 or so match the above description. Others would consist of: Greeting cards and advertising for popularity contest. Probably they have mistaken with this, SPAM.

2. The “send this to everyone so that” messages that I’ve been getting for almost two years without stopping. Every single week I would at least get one of these. Here’s an example: ” Please forward this message to everyone in your list ’cause a child is sick. Friendster would pay that child $15 for every person you forward to”. Now, this got me recalling back a few months ago when the newspaper publish a story about a group of people recruited a group of teenagers to get donations from the public. The thing was that the donation wasn’t given to any charity organization but for their own. Maybe they were too poor and they had to do a charity for themselves. Anyway the point is, people tend to be softy to whoever that’s misery. I known it myself and yet still numerous times have I been conned at the streets. The sad thing was these messages was sent by university student, who of all have the capability to think that one, Friendster could never track down the number of messsages sent and two, even Friendster could track it, would that sum up to be few billion dollars, wouldn’t everyone just go and send forward message just to save someone?

1. And the number one that I hate to see in Friendster or any other social networking services is: People who add people that they don’t know of. Recently I flip through some of other people’s profile and not surprisingly, some people have a whopping of 900 plus friends. That’s only mediocre. Now, the account’s could only have a maximum of 1000 people, therefore some genius think that, if I could fill them up and get a few accounts, that would make me prom queen. Most of these people, especially gals, would put hername-FULL as their nickname or hername1-FULL. So if next time I bump into you, should I say: “Hey, Ms. Selina Account Twenty Four, Full” or “Hi, Ella Full”. The things that do for popularity, sigh, now how would I sound having FULL as my first name?

I don’t generalize that everything above is made by us but rather than showing higher intelligence, instead we just blindly follow the trend to become locally made moron. Then again, if it weren’t for them, we couldn’t differentiate who’s the smarter one.


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  1. lolz… forwarded messages has been bugging me all the time.. argghhh..

    hope fools will wake up one day and realise what they are doing… but it’s hard to force it into their mind… can we?

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