Shame on Us

There was this time when I went out with some of my friends to a shopping complex. Usual routine I might say whenever we finish the exams, although minor test like weekly assessment meant big to us, though the effort that they put for it is controversial.

As we walk by some television sets, there was news about Sri Lanka’s corruption cases and tribal war going up at the north. One of the Sri Lankan from our group was furious about the on going debacle, on who should rule the government and the country. He said that my country was lucky, that everyone had freedom of speech and the power to vote. No war and no natural disaster. To them, my country was a safe haven for these people, and yet ironically, our people don’t cherish it like the foreigners do.

Whenever I browser through blog, there it is. Malaysian blogs condemning the government, often wrapped with excessive use of vulgar language of sort. After a few days later, the ministers would counter them by calling them liars, unemployed people who have too much free time on their hands, trying to topple the countries peace. I see a pot, do you see another kettle?

Blogs are suppose to inform the public about truth and that’s it. Well, maybe put in some comment or two but not spread rumors and  an unconfirmed info. Take VT shootings for instance, WordPress and Technorati was flooded with “updates”. One suggest that the killings was done because of his ex-girlfriend, the other said that their parents suicided because of the massacre. I was mislead and a bit angry at myself at that time ’cause I was spreading this rumors around, not knowing it was just a hoax.

Bloggers such as Elizabeth Wong, Rocky Bru and the gang should be giving out constructive criticism and the government should look to their suggestion. We don’t want to be another Taiwan parliament debate, nor do we want another May 13th. Recently, the papers suggested that the nation was not mature enough to handle sensitive issues such as racial differences and equity. I believe we are just not mature. Period. Don’t make Malaysia another laughing stock, we’ve been laugh at too much.


One Response

  1. there’s rumours, biased critisms everywhere.. whoever the reader is, should analyse it before believing it.. it’s deceitful everywhere..
    while thinking bout how bad the whole thing is, regardless of our soceity, the government or anything, why not we spend some time in thinking what or how we can do to correct/make it better?

    just a few cents.

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