It pays to be a slob/tourist

I’ve woke up this morning and sat for two minutes and thought for awhile: What am I gonna do today? Am I going to attend a programming lecture, which was taught by a professor from India, which by the way pronounces “A” as “Yam” and has the uncanny power of hypnotize people into deep slumber, or stay at home and maybe watch a few movies and hit back to the bed? I believed the decision was not hard to make but when I woke up the second time, I ask this again to myself.

“Since I’ve not been out to the city so long, maybe it’s time to do another urban adventure.” So here I am at a cafe, again, after an agonizing three hours journey through bus. Apparently I couldn’t leave my laptop behind whenever I go anywhere and lately it has been like a second twin to me even since the amounting projects; but that’s not what I’m going to talk about today.

As the title suggested, dressing like a slob-cum-tourist does help in some situation, but before that, a brief definition of slob and tourist look. Slob, geek, otaku and nerd blends together like your everyday cappuccino; slob would be your coffee, geek and nerd is your milk, which by the way this is the worst way to define the term. But contrary to popular belief, the modern day slob have evolve, somewhat from a dirty primate to a more decent look person, I think. The tourist look. Having big blackish bag that is so big that you can fit your mom, day and the whole soccer team inside. Plus he/she will sport a just-woke-up look and confused face.

Why I said it pays to be them? ‘Cause for one, people think you are interesting and they want to know you more. Ever since last month I’ve not shave and left a rather untrimmed goatee. There was committee election for International Student Society and the locals are not allowed to vote but some of the candidates persuaded me to vote. So the question not whether I look like a foreigner or not, the question is from which country do I look like? I could only related myself to Sri Lanka, Bangalesh or Middle East. Maybe I look like I ran away from Taliban.

And today, I didn’t pay for the bus ’cause I don’t have small change for 10. The bus driver just look from bottom to top and top to bottom again, then shook his head and shove me in instead. So postmortem this situation would suggest that: 1) I’m a slob, therefore I would insist to be in here even though you want to shove me off and 2) I’m a tourist, don’t argue with them cause you’ll get complaint at, sue and most probably fired.

But there’s a downside to all this. I have to get check by the security guard every time I walk the side gates. I’m very prone to being asked for donation and I most probably will get conned. People treat you as though as joke when I’m serious and be serious when I joke. Oh well, I guess people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but if you have to, at least try to read the back summary.


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