admonish,animadvert on,ascribe,attribute,ban,bash,blame,blast,blister,boycott, carp,castigate,censure,censure,charge,chastise,chide ,circumvent,clobber,condemn, criticize, debar,denounce,denunciate, deny,disallow,disapprove, tax,upbraid,discourage,disparage,eliminate,enjoin,except,exclude,excoriate,exile,fault,forbid,frame,freeze out, frustrate,fulminate against,fustigate,give hell,hinder,hit, judge,hold responsible,impute, indict,interdict,interfere,keep out,lambaste,limit,nag at,nitpick,obstruct,ostracize,outlaw, override,pan,pick at,preclude,prevent,rebuke,refuse,reject,reprehend,reprehend,


reprimand,reproach,reprobate,reprove,reprove, restrain,rule out,saddle,scathe, segregate, shut out,stop,suspend, discountenance,


With so much negativity in life,

the greatest mistake that you will make is

not being yourself.

Hold precepts, principles ’cause


is something that everyone should try at least once .




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