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Kills You to Eat Out, literally
June 21, 2007

Home is where the heart belongs, so does the stomach. Going out to eat nowadays can really be disheartening agenda. Here are the things that would make you think twice about your home cooked meals:

  1. I’m a town folk in a city. Naturally, almost every meal I had to resort to eat some eatery or in some shopping complex, and all of these places spells money. The prices are ridiculous and the new era of “modernizing” food are a nuisance. Ipoh White Coffee cost RM 2.00? Nasi Lemak for RM 2.50? Back in my hometown, I can easily get these for RM 2.00 together. Ask them about the expensive price and they will blabber a script, written by their bosses: “We use organic, not fertilizer, non-chemical, non-machinary, hand picked and we use the best labours from Kazakhstan to do that. Also we have Britney”
  2. Not to everyones surprise, the final bill always turn out to be more than what is anticipated. Absurb taxes and charges: Service charge, government tax and my fave tidbits tax. They’re getting smarter. Thinking that most people would have a conceptual idea of free service, they have manipulated it to charge the customers. For instance, tissue papers are suppose to be given out as part of the service, but no, they have to put some wet tissue beside you, hoping that you will use it under your discretion. And the worst part is, it’s not free. A bloody wet tissue cost RM 1.00, and that’s more expensive that buying a pack of tissue and a pail of water.
  3. It’s an undisputed fact. The utilitarian us always care about our own well being rather than others. Therefore, as long as I’m not going to eat it, I can cook it any way I want. Yesterday, I had my early lunch before I sat my third paper for my semester examination. I noticed that there was a small tissue like material on my rice. I could only hope that it was some sort of edible stuff other than tissue as I walk toward to the examination hall with dismay. Halfway through the exam, I nearly fainted ’cause of the pressure and the growling pain of the stomach.
  4. Beware of the”devil truck”. Yes, and it’s named for a reason. When you visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, be sure not to eat at these truckers. They have other names like “Fatty Wong’s” or “Fatty’s Lok Lok”, almost all of them have some sort of ‘fatty’ in their names. Yes, it’s the none other steamboat truck of doom. For those who don’t know what’s steamboat truck is or lok lok, in short, it’s dip shish kebab to hot water to cook and eat it. It’s suppose to be fast food for Asians but no, we smart asses have to “modernize” it. Instead of offering cheap snacks, these people ramp it up and make it as though as it’s a delicacy. Why? For example, (up to this point you can imagine that I’m always a victim of all this) a normal stick of meat would cost you 50 cents, but from where I am right now, they’ll add a piece more for you and charge you a freaking RM 2.50. I’m always sucker for food and that’s also why I end up eating RM 10.50 for five sticks.
  5. You really need to bring a big and fat cane next time you eat outside. It kills you to see that most people left a lot of untouched food wasted and the sad part is that the waiters have to dump all these because of the “no packing customers food” policy. The other day I was in a Teppanyaki shop and I saw a kid and his mother. Mom at a bit but the kid barely touch it. When they left, the waiter had to throw all these food away and the things that they have ordered were not cheap. I could have asked the waiter to give it to me since it was quite untasted but I guess I don’t want people to think I’m a greedy cheap bastard, although I’m publicly known for that. People in third world country would certain benefit from a few pieces of sushi and bento.

No wonder people wear sun glasses in restaurants nowadays.