The Cartless Chariot

I’ve just made a forum for my high school this weekend and as to be expected, visitor count is rather low and most of the registered users weren’t responding, though some tried their best to keep the flow going, but somehow the vibe is losing it’s taste.

No surprise there. Back when I started blogging in and friendster, I visited my site more than other people do. I even remember posting something like “Will Write For Audience” and asked if I should post anymore to blog as no one seems to care about it. A few replies came and seems to be supportive at my interest for writing interesting article but there were some who told me that the joy of writing comes from expressing ones feeling, to let go and be free and let the whole know that what’s going on in our timid minds which is holding back creativity and art.

Then got me thinking: Ever wonder what makes us work harder, drive ourself to the breaking point, all for the sake of reaching some destined goal? That said, this makes me wonder why I work so hard at my studies when I was in university but not during my high school.

One of my friends told me that he wouldn’t mind getting second lower or lower honors for his engineering degree because he’ll be working in a bank instead of some crummy and dusty factory. It breaks my heart to know that most of us are working hard for the sake of replenishing our coffers rather than for passion and interest. Now passion is an old word for one and its had been long gone with some others like honor and dignity.

As for me, I believe that what ever that you have learn, you must practice, lament speaking. I’m going to be an upcoming electrical engineer, creating new gadgetry and devices to aid mankind and the future generations. Writing this, makes me feel proud that I’ve stood my grounds and held my principles well, at the same time, expecting to hear : “You kid me?” Well, for one, the world doesn’t work the way you think it should and two, the world changes you, you can’t change the world.

Well, what ever hold in the future, I’m sure that I would be a banker/engineer for sure.

Remember the only reason that we are made to study when we are small were because we didn’t want to be caned by the mystical “dipped-in-flammable-liquid-for-two-nights-and-dried-in-hot-sun ignited-with-flames cane-o-doom” that the teachers have been bragging for the past 10 15 years. However, every beating seems to be like they’re using two of those cane. And that’s it, we studied for the sake of not getting punish, not because to strive for higher grounds. Well, that must be the reason why I don’t perform that well back then, ’cause I’m seem to be immune to the cane but not the loud yells of my mother, but I was immune to that too later on, and I have a left semi-deaf ear to prove it.

These days, it’s hard to find someone that say: “For interest, I’ve worked or for passion, I’ve strive”. Hope not to hear it from a banker.


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