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Lately I’ve been tracked by a lot of users trying to find info on how to hack Friendster or other social network sites like Hi-5 and Facebook. Just to clarify about Friendster flaws and hoax and let these idiot get back to their lives:

  1. There is no such thing as adding a friend would infect you with viruses, however if his/her profile contains CSS and Java script which might potentially written to con, beware. The best way to prevent yourself is open your internet browser’s internet option>security then find Java Applet and ActiveX control and set to prompt you, so that you will be asked to continue or not if a certain script is going to be run. Anything suspicious just click no. But that said, most of the CSS flaws have been removed. And what does that tell you? Either you are a friggin’ idiot who likes to give passwords around or just plain stubborn to get yourself a decent firewall. Hacks includes CSS comment box Java Applet and CoComent hack has been patched.
  2. There is no such things as adding a Java Applet at comment box that would track and record password whenever someone clicks it. However there is a bug that allows people to other people’s name to send messages to others. Again, that said, the flaw have been removed.

Now, if you are really interested in reading my blog, I welcome you but if you are in search of the Friendster hacks, here’s the answer:



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  1. hey come to think of it i DID come acorss one comment on some profile that was supposedly posted by me, albeit with some really f***ed up english. I honestly don’t remember posting anything as idiotic as that but i thought maybe i was drunk and i dun realise i posted it, or wat i posted :S so it IS possible to post bulletins/messages using someone else’s name?

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