Short short snippet of my week, ’cause I’m having final examination but felt that kind of free since I felt that I’m quite prepared, though well know that there’s no such thing as fully prepared, therefore the halved sized blog:

  1. My English is bad that when I was in Starbucks this week, a girl asked me whether she could sit together since the whole place is full: ” Do you mind?” and I answered : “Yes”. Luckily, Malaysian has the tendency to assume what you mean even though our grammar suck like hell. Hey, you should see I Has CheezBurger blog, they speaking the international tongue, broken English.
  2. A local filming and production house was at my area to sho0t some footage. Being that Malaysian are the most economical people around. So happens that the stunt driver for the terrorist-police shoot out scene was also the director as well. The moment he finished performing a 180 degrees car swipe, he ran out and yell at the actor that the way to point the machine gun at the police wasn’t correct and snatch the plastic gun away from him. Luckily, the director-cum-stunt-man need not to signal “cut” or else it would be freaking hilarious. Should add this add “bonus feature” if they ever want to make a DVD.
  3. Got in and out of trains a lot lately. Last two weeks ago, I was stuck in one of main station, so left me with two choices: either pay the blood-sucking vampiric taxis or wait until 5:30am for the next first train. Luckily, somebody bailed me out or else I could have hugged my laptop and slept at the benches.
  4. Train stations aren’t disabled-friendly. A blind could easily got knocked over by the rushing wave of people. Luckily there’s always the trusty cane but nonetheless, people should give way for him. I saw a women actually brushing away and nearly trip the poor guy over. Imagine that if he fell down, he could end up in the tracks.
  5. My first paper was pawned by the Aussie professor but (un)luckily I wasn’t that concern of it for this semester, the results doesn’t really seem matter to me much as one could say I’ve lost the flavor to pursue the dream.

(Un)luckily, this is all lucky. Serendipity?


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  1. wah! i like your writing.
    im gonna add you to my blog link. boleh? =)

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