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National Embarrassment
July 15, 2007

Our national football team (Malaysia) tops the hall of shame in Asian football. I’m not a fan of soccer, more like a basketball person, but the recent results from the Asian Cup is more than disappointing. Sorry to use such valgur words but that’s the closest words that I could find to describe them: It’s as though they are getting molested by the opposing team. 5-0 versus Uzbek? That’s really really poor play.

I remember that I was once told that the national team was the best among Asian countries way back then, and it’s true. We even got into Olympics in the 70s although qualified in the preliminaries. Nonetheless, players back then showed a lot of passion for the game and they worked hard enough to earn recognition.

It’s undeniable fact that the standard of living has increase and being a sportsman alone doesn’t really count as a proper profession. National players kept on requesting for pay rise in order to feed their family. It’s sad to know the government are paying them based on competition results, not the effort, but to say that, did they put in any?

Hope that the team be a better example to other would-be ballers. In another news, my blog image header has change?, another embarrassment?  LOLx