Tioman Trip, Part 1

I had a really great time last week in Pulau Tioman, Pahang. Here’s a photolog of my trip:

Before actually stepping on to the actual lodging place for the trip, I ran into some trouble and ended up somewhere else, but it was all fun and it’s like a side-trip. We took a bus from Ipoh then to Kuala Lumpur, from there again, to Mersing, Johor. The bus driver was a bit hungry after spotting some passengers munching away, so after barely a few miles, he had to stop and eat. We got to see a orchid farmhouse just beside the rest stop.

When we reach Mersing, we had to take a ferry to the Island but we missed a couple of stops and ended up at the main town, which was two stops away from the actual destination. Luckily, the captain of the ferry contacted the chalet people to send a speedboat to pick us up. Nice, since it was $50 to rent a speedboat and we get to ride it for free.

It was a real bargain to go there at the time of the year since it’s off peak season and the price was quite reasonable. Met a few new friends but was a bit shy. The first thing that we noticed about the chalet was there was a sea eagle caged in front of it. At first everyone thought that it was captured and tamed but it was actually saved from attacking dog (?) by the villagers. It couldn’t fly yet and when it does, it will be set free, until then it will be our watcher for the night.




4 Responses

  1. That’s really the beauty of Pulau Tioman, Pahang? That’s awesome. I’m here in Costa del Sol, Spain this time having working vacation. Maybe next week we do visit Pahang for business.
    Thanks for sharing your story…

  2. Nice, I like Costa too but never had the money to go there or anywhere far away from Malaysia. Well, the photos are pretty much close but tweak a bit by photoshop (color only) LOLx.

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