STPM, what?

Since there’s so many people out there tagging info regarding STPM examination, I thought of writing a short fact file:

  1. STPM was used to be the hardest examination, way way back when our fathers took it. It used to ranked 3rd toughest pre-university examination; the hardest was Japan university entrance examination. Now, it has somehow degraded to a point that it’s hard to say that we are still at the top 10 of the list.
  2. Almost none of the students got straight As the first 10 years of STPM. In fact in was so hard that the passing rate was below 10%. You might here this from your teacher about how it was so tough to get even 2As when students right now can easily get 3As or straight.
  3. STPM is recognized worldwide, having the same qualification as Cambridge A-Levels. However, since STPM was not semester based system, most student will get results lower than A-Levels students, but that said, with a bit of hard work anything can be achieved.
  4. Popular belief was STPM is for those people who can’t decide on what course to choose on, therefore the slumber period.

I’ll add more when I do have the time to research on these.


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  1. Nice post 🙂

  2. i like this post!!!!

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