Tioman Trip, Part 2

The beaches there were pretty clean but sea water is still salt water. I always thought that the sea wasn’t that salt, but after drenching a few times into the ocean, the water is good enough to pickle you.


As I said earlier I met some new friends. One of them happens to be a fanatic of street burger (we call it Ramli Burger after its sponsor) and Pringles and also Twisties and many other junk food that I’ve not known of yet but pretty much see her having the green canister roaming around.

Surprisingly some kids here don’t get much education even there’s a school at the third stop of the island but it’s pretty far away. Maybe most of them just hope to take over their parent’s business when they are older, but judging by the state of the island, I say that they won’t have a stable job the next time. You see why later.

When the sun just set, you can see the moon rising from the other side. Pretty sight, don’t usually get to see this in bustling cities since the level of light pollution is so high that we can hardly see stars. Satellite don’t count.

At night, the tide down surge (is it a proper term?) and you can pretty much walk the beaches that was covered by the sea during the day.

These are the people that I went with. They are from NUS, Singapore, rag team. Happy bunch of people. Can see why its so different compare to the people here.

The next day we went to the main part of the island which is much more populated. You can stock up there and buy some gifts or two but I was never a big fan of souvenirs. It’s duty free by the way. Up the road there’s even a cafe for noobs. LOLx.

Later we went to maritime reserve and a small island which was surrounded by coral reefs for snorkeling. Ironically, there were more live corals there than the reserve.

Fishes do have brains you know. They follow where the food goes. The boat.

Monkeys there like Chipsmore.

Later than night we have a barbecue but it was cooked by the villagers themselves. They have been so long in tourism scene that its a ease to cook these things. Almost every time I try to barbecue chicken wings, all I get is charcoal.

The corals there are pretty much dead, except for those remote areas of the island. Every morning the beach is stained by residual of coral wash up by the tide. With this rate, Tioman will be a museum of coral fossil.


Well, that pretty much sums up my trip though I have much lots to say but I guess the pictures speak for themselves. Feel free to visit my Flickr album the trip.


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