Ribbon from the Finish Line

Singapore skylineFinally, I can settle down and rest and maybe write something that is worth being read. For the past 2 months I’ve not updated anything for my blog, reason is that I’ve got into a little mess in my studies: everything that’s being taught right now was harder than the foundation year. Now I know why many people wouldn’t choose this course, it’s a fool’s game. FYI, I’m in 2nd year of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering (not computer science, mind you).

There’s a lot of things happened in between of these 2 months and after today’s last mid-sem test, I pledge myself to write everything down. Here’s what I have been through the past 2 months:

I’ve got a new phone, technically it’s not new at all but it’s decent enough. My brother gave it to me after he signed a new contract in Australia. Now, I don’t have to tell people that I’m the only one in this entire universe who is still using monocolor. Though the change is inviting, but I still prefer the long standby hours of a primitive 2 toned phone.

Finally made it. Damn IC

It’s hard this time around for my studies. Everything is quite new for me and as time goes on, it’s just keeps getting harder and harder. Last year, I hoped for more stress because it was quite relaxing for me during at that time and I’m kinda sadistic person who enjoys pain once in a while. I guess you really have to be careful what you wish for.

NUS Eusoff float design

And because of that, I’ve a chance to go down to Singapore and have a taste of what campus life is there, though only for three days. Opportunities don’t come very often, neither does one enjoys inflicting pain onto oneself. I went down during National University of Singapore’s final days of their Rag Day, which they proudly proclaimed that they are the only university that does floats for ragging. I’ve got my hands dirty too, helping them just a bit for their final touches in their float design. Not everyone understands why these people wanted to waste their 3 months of their summer holiday just to build something that would be destroyed after 10 minutes of performance but to me, it’s somewhat nostalgic and I usually carve for more of these. Everything was worth it when Eusoff hall won for best design.Monkey holding lamp. What?

Anyway, for the past few weeks I’ve studying endlessly for my exam and meeting up deadlines for my assignment and reports. I’ve never felt so tired before. Maybe it’s good to have a change once in awhile: sometimes it’s good to rush dateline for something that is not related to studies.


6 Responses

  1. i also didn’t know u stil using two toned phone….

  2. You didn’t even know that I had a phone…

  3. It’s a nice feeling to relax after finishing tests. Hey, I’ve been to Singapore- cool place!

  4. eh please if i din noe u had a phone how i sms you ah?
    oh and as if yours is not a WALL 😛

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