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Question hand Usually I’m not the type of person who like to be in silence, therefore whenever there’s a too quiet moment, I would ask dumb questions just to entertain myself and others and at the same time, to keep my cool, I would also claim that this is also a very intellectual test, to see how would you respond in reality based on the answer given to the question. So, last week was one of those nights, and I ask:

“If everyone in this world has died or extincted, would you hump a ape?”

Sure, it may sound lame but through out history there are some recording and literary works about human survival by having sex with apes. Though it’s been a long time since I study biology but at least I still remember that human and apes can’t mate and reproduce even though out DNAs are quite close, but that didn’t stop me from asking them.

At that time there were three of us: The literature guy, graduated and studying his masters; the scientist, currently doing biomedical course and there’s the engineer, that’s me. Every time when we have some sort of discussion, it usually ends very ugly but we’re big boys. Bear in mind that sleeping is a reset button for male.

The literary guy, who detest idiot ideas, disagree and suggested that humping the brains out of a chimp is simply to show your sexual abnormality and the crazy lust towards animals. Then I said, jokingly, he was selfish because he would rather let mankind nonextant than to have a little good time with the animal. He was furious and the angry debater in him sparked out like wildfire. So, to douse the flame, I asked what would be the better solution.

“Of course to save mankind doesn’t necessarily save the physical self but we could pass on our culture to the ape, e.g. outr language so that if the animal could communicate, then ‘part’ of ourself is salvaged.”

“Wouldn’t a half breed ape-human do that too?” I said. The scientist detest my statement and suddenly this became a discussion about science rather than what I have intended too. A friendly discussion ended up to be war of words, and as I said, we went to reset ourselves, with high on ego.The next morning, the biomedical student came to me and told me :”You know. Cloning is a better solution.” Of course, why didn’t I think of that; but I was going to lose to him and said that if the person didn’t know any cloning methods.

There was no answer to that question, neither did I have one. I was just teasing them and at the same time try to understand them a bit. See, humans tend to react differently in every situation. Given that a person is claim and steady couldn’t give out their definite reaction to a emergency because simply we are not in their shoes. I believe that people would do the most drastic things in extreme condition. Yes, it’s not possible to happen but still there’s a slight chance it will. Only humans understand probability and chance ’cause it is theirs to create, but not nature.

Then again questions and problem are meant for us to interpret. As my professor said, in problem, we must first have assumption, hypothesize and hope it will be the answer.


5 Responses

  1. ok, next time i see you, ehem, having a good time with some chimp(or ape) i’d turn away politely.

  2. ^ agreed
    Never mess with him and his monkey/primate/chimp/etc fetish

  3. At least I don’t hump my ps3 or the piano…lolx…Anyway the discussion was lame, not really into chimps….but monkey…*

  4. whatever. they from the same genus. but it’s no wonder. you might be from the same genus as theirs. So i’m not surprised :S

  5. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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