Begging Rights

Begging for mercyIt’s sad to see a much developed city has shown it’s flaw in giving equal opportunities to everyone. This week I had a chance to go back to my hometown and kick back for a week. Nonetheless, not much of a break I might say since I know that once the semester goes back the rail, it’s hectic all the way.

It’s been long time since I headed to a famous stall and savor at it’s noodles. We called it ” Big Tree Root” because it’s located below a few big oak trees. There, a usual sight, was beggars wandering around and asking for money. There was even one that was there for, about, three years.

You can see that this people are disabled but still capable of working, but no, they had to come here and beg for money. It’s a real shame for us chinese to see our own people had to succumb to such level, it’s heartbreaking. Now the question arises: would you pay, no, donate to them if they come to your footsteps?

Once the old folks told us that giving them money will do them more harm, feeding their troubles. Sure, you might think that the money would make them able to buy rations and clothing and such, but thinking ahead, would they use the money and feed their addiction? Gambling? Drugs?

But they are crippled person. How can you resist they sad look, worn out clothes, puss in their wounds and the somewhat sad puppy eyes? To ignore them means that not to save them from this pitiful situation. What to do oh what to do… How about treating them for a meal, but then again, how many meals does he need; it’s not like he needs that much.

Sometimes I’m really curious about the authenticity of these beggars. There’s even once that I followed one until he’s finish with his daily ordeal. Turns out that the guy was quite wealthy in some sense, calling a taxi back to his crib. And how bout the guy that I said I saw him for three years? Rumor has it that he has been taken away before by welfare officers, which is a good thing for them, but he just ran away. Sometimes you can even hear him speak about the somewhat awful days in the welfare’s care.

So what to do? I’ve been conned by “pitiful” people before, yet I’ve helped those who are genuine in despair. Give them benefit of the doubt I say, but choose to give them wisely.


2 Responses

  1. I believe that those who have the capability to work hard to overcome their poverty but choose to walk the path of a beggar is the most loathsome of all. Although they may seem pitiful and wretched, they are taking a free ride. They are parasites.

    My giving charity to people who takes up begging as a profession merely encourages mendicancy. In order to eradicate mendicancy altogether, we should not extend our charity to them.

    However, if a person is incapable of earning a living, is stricken by dire poverty or becomes helpless, then it is incumbent on the wealthy to gieve charity to them.

  2. Typo in second paragraph

    My = by

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