Election Fever Part 1

Student election is coming and rumour has it, even the nation is going into election. For most of us, we couldn’t care less but for others, some labelled as fanatics for politics and even people who have interest in conflict rather than conflict of interest, are ever ready to pursue the greater good for the people they serve, or is it?

This morning I’ve got an e-mail regarding blogging by the university’s administrator, and I thought I was in trouble. So happens that the mail was to all students regarding defamatory blogging in the institute. Darn it, I’ve should have know, my blog wasn’t controversial enough:

Dear Students,

It has come to my attention that there have been a number of blogs by
students that are defamatory in nature, causing hurt to the persons
named, and put the students who author the blogs at risk in a number of
ways. I suspect that this has arisen because students are not aware of
the laws of Malaysia relevant to such situations, nor of the University
policies that pertain.

Please note that while free speech is welcome, there are limitations
provided by the law particularly regarding defamation and sedition. It
would appear that some students are not aware of this, and have perhaps
inadvertently contravened the law.

In light of this, the University wishes to provide relevant information
to students regarding the legal and institutional context that applies.

Please find attached a document prepared by the campus solicitor, for
your information, and action as necessary.

Prof. Merilyn Liddell
Pro Vice-Chancellor and President (Malaysia)

What’s election without a bit of shoving and pushing right? The reason the school has to post out notices is because of a few incident regarding defaming people, most noticeable one was the recent accusation of student association for being power monger.

AmendmentAmendment for AmendmentAmendment for Amendment for The Amendment

Even the boys’ toilet are invaded. Come on, can’t we have some peace and serenity while peeing?


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