2008 Resolution

It’s the time of the year where promises are made to forget, but this year I shall not yield to this trend and hope that what ever I have planned for, I will accomplish:

1. Cure my acne, save the world.
Ever since I had this horrid pollute face of mind, I’ve been trying hard to get rid of it. How should I know that my youthfulness would catch up with me. I’ve tried everything that is: cream, gel, and oil which I think if I use less of this, fuel prices would increase right now. So, today I’ve “consulted” an expert and decided that I need to be a bit metrosexual in order to have my face back. I know people would feel disgusted by reading this and would probably say : ” Well, at the first place you don’t have a pretty face, therefore any degradation to it would be like adding one to infinty”. Now, the reason I need to do this is because I will be shaving my head bald after the Chinese New Year; it a tradition that I’ve been doing every two years. However, my girlfriend suggested that people would probably run away from my if they see my balded head along with pizza face combo meal face with lots of anchovies at the side. It would be wise to clear the acne first. Cleanse and tone, it’s gay but it works.

2. Be in peace and in rest
The reason I had not been updating my blog for the past few months was mainly because I had my finals and because of that I went into a bit of trouble. I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and mild depression. I knew I would have it if my university life would go on to be like this; not that I don’t have friends or I don’t hang out often. Fortunately, or otherwise, this thing cropped up when I had viral fever two weeks before my first exam. One thing about viral fever was that it’s technically incurable; it’s up to the body to fight back and all I could do was to suppress it. Imagine how many pills I had to take for one week of fever, approximately 2 pills every four hours. The other thing was that viral fever is notorious on leaving side effects on the body: chronic fatigue and indigestion are two main post-symptom. When the body is weak, so does the mind and eventually because of stress, I began to break. Luckily I manage to consult a psychiatrist. Sigh, I guess that way I handle my life wasn’t that perfect after all. Therefore now on I’ll be stronger and I’ll fight a good fight. With a peaceful mind and a steady heart I shall prevail.

3. Realize my fantasies, not fantasize the reality 
They say that the is that much you can plan for your future, the rest is up to you. I’ve been trying to get student exchange in my university and I fear that it has become of my favorite day-dreaming thing. The thought of basking on a plain of snow or alas having a decent study environment that I finally can call it my university has always been in my head and the drool on the application form doesn’t help me bring a step closer to my goal. Stand firm to your belief and try! Have trust and faith in myself! Sigh, if only the exchange process was easier…

4. I’ll clap my hands more
Since now that I’m moving back into hostel, I hope that I would be in a stress free environment. Good-bye shitty shower head, good-bye hair-fill sink holes, good-bye horny and sadistic roommates. Sadly, the warden has change but anyway, it’s a improvement nonetheless. I’ll try optimize my time properly this time around and pledge the most important: please, please don’t skip any tutorials this time and please, God, no more crappy teammates. More importantly, please, I need not be a crappy teammate as well.

5. Treat everyone as though as my favorite pair of underwear 
I’ll try to remember everyone’s birthday this time and hopefully continue to stay connected. It would be better this time around since I had internet.

Hope that whatever that I’ve promised myself, I would keep to it. Gambate people!


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  1. quote: ‘Cleanse and tone, it’s gay but it works”

    it’s not gay la.

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