Flur Mind

They say the mind is the devil’s playground, or something similar to that proverb that was overheard on the radio, and I couldn’t agree more along with the recent incident that I’ve observed.

I’ve not message as much as I did back when we were first started. Wanting to be as faithful as possible to my dearest, I message her almost every morning, telling her that there a wonderful day ahead of her, but after awhile I ran out of gas doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoy reading her replies but it’s just that a lot of things just cropped up and we had to focus on our studies and put our relationship on standby.

And slowly, like a decay, the mind tell you things that the heart doesn’t. Is she being faithful to me? Is she with another guy? Are people trying to hook her away from me? Things that you knew that she wouldn’t do but it’s just that the mind keep giving out signals that confuses ones emotion, strapping it onto a roller coaster and a never ending trip.

When the mind is idle and left wandering to places that it shouldn’t be, all the person is left doing is imagine the worst.

I’ve got a friend that thinks that if people have secrets, they should tell others about it, at least to the people that she trust most because of previous incident that made her decide that is best to inform others about their personal matters in order not to tell them the last minute and get her sincerity question. It’s sad to know that by doing so, others might think that their friendship is based on how much you know about the other, even the things that is best left known by her/himself. It’s even more sad to know that people should gain more control over themselves rather than to doing it just to please everyone.

Stand firm on your own beliefs! Don’t bow down to the skepticisms of others! At the end of the day, whether or not those people are comfortable with how you’re living your life doesn’t matter. What matters is whether you’re comfortable with it.

Now, even though that we are apart by a strait, I trust her even more ’cause I know that I don’t to imitate others, nor do I need to keep score on how well I’m doing, all we need is trust, and of course, the occasional communication too.


5 Responses

  1. “Stand firm on your own beliefs! ”

    Are you a believer? What are those beliefs that you a “standing” on?

  2. errr….man, why the hostile mood? Maybe I should clarify more but this post was just a random rambling… Anyway just want that person to believe in himself, that’s all. Now, I guess I’m a believer of my ownself, can?

  3. Btw, if you meant believer as in religious belief, I’m not stating that.

  4. I didn’t mean to start a conversation with a hostile mood. Did I do that? Sorry, my bad.

    Yes, I was wondering if you were a believer in the “religious” sense. Not that religion is good – it is not IMO. But faith in the One who died for you on the cross is a much sturdier foundation to “stand” on then the weak foundation of faith in yourself.

    1 Cor 3:11 For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

  5. Hmm, I guess my religious beliefs have nothing to do with the post above, I’m just generally stating my point in terms of basic moral stand point. Maybe you should read my other post and guess what are my “religious” beliefs.

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