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March 23, 2008

I’ve been in and out of the hospital during my youth days. The smell of strong medicine against the feel of melancholics never goes well hand in hand, especially hope and faith is questioned at every doorway.To my surprise, I have not written about my ordeal during my knee surgery four years ago. I guess I have been busy all this while, busy with nothingness. I told this story before during my orientation week in high school, about how you should appreciate life more if you went through what I went through that three days in hospital, but I think my fellow classmate didn’t take it too well, since I associated pooping with pregnancy. We’ll get to that very soon. Here’s three things that I think people should appreciate daily:

 1. Bathing : Really , no kid. My knee surgery was a quite serious one and you know it’s serious when the cost of it is as much as a car. The surgeons had to do a keyhole surgery on my left knee and extract a piece of ligament so that they could use it to stitch it back to my knee and let it grow, hopefully. Because my wounds are bandaged in cloth, I was not allowed to bath for at least two weeks. Big deal. Back then, I thought I could stay stink for even a month. However, I was having quite some pain and at times the nurse has to come and give me shots of morphine. I sweat a lot and this built a layer of stickiness. When I got the chance to bathe for the first time in weeks, the first drop of water to my skin was dramatic. Now, I could sense why people jeer for joy when they lift the trophy or cross the finish line. Apparently, I was sweating so much that my feet had this layer of dust as thick as plywood. 


2. Peeing : Since I was immobilized for at least three days until I got to use the crutches, basically my bed is my toilet. During the surgery, I was anesthetic for the entire body, not waist down although that would be suffice for my case. Now, for some medical info: whilst a person was given anesthetic, some function of the body may not be back to it’s normal mode. Therefore, needless to say, I was having trouble peeing. My mom told me to drink as much water, so that I would eventually just pass it out. It didn’t. And I was get nervous: I had a broken knee, I don’t want to have a burst bladder. I insisted of getting a catheter, I guess when you’re in pain, you make the craziest decision. And my next door neighbor didn’t help as well. He was having the television on for hours and hours, even he’s napping. How I know? I doubt he enjoys Hindu films. At last, I had to whisk the curtain as said: “Hey, buddy, I need to concentrate. Tune it down will ya?”. Again, the word is “dramatic”. I had not felt so much pleasure in filling a cup.


3. Pooping : Imagine three days not able to constipate. The moment the doctor gave me the crutches and ask me whether do I need instructions on how to use it, I answered “Yes, I do. And the first place I will go is the toilet.” I try not to go into too detail about the ordeal, but here, it’s not “dramatic”, but rather “pain”, all the way. That’s why I said: ” That day, I felt I was giving birth to quadruplets.” When I do get out of the toilet, I was sweating so much that my hospital robe was soaked. My mom asked what happened and I answered: ” This is the first time I made the toilet unable to flush because it was stuck with too much load.”


But most importantly 4. Everything was not the same as before. I was an active person before that. The surgery had practically shutdown my life and locked me in shackles and hung me dry. I was unable to play basketball, though I always insist that I was recovered but that was never the case. Every time I had to deal with the searing pain after games. To make things worst, the same thing happened to my right knee and now I’m left crippled. My health took a sharp turn as well as I didn’t get proper exercise and I was always get into viral attacks. Almost half of my high school days was spend sleeping on the desk, either I had food poisoning or I was just too lethargic. I was blaming my knee for the trouble it has caused me. 


 Of all that, now I realized that if I didn’t had my knee surgery, I would have been just another cocky person that didn’t learn his lesson about life and everything else that is more important than basketball itself. Thanked God, but next time just whisper it to me, ‘kay?