Tremble: 15th May 2008

Last week, I’ve volunteered for an exhibition for HIV/AIDS and human trafficking and it has really opened my mind as well my eyes; here’s my week in brief:

1) Political tsunami in Malaysia as opposition party denied the coalition party 2/3 majority and opposition gain dominance at 5 state government. Prime Minister urged to step down and Northern states are feeling a bit shaky as reminiscences of the dreadful May 13th racial riot issue still haunts the city folks; but besides that, all was well as the country needed the change and look forward.

2) Again, I’ve left my blog empty for almost a month and although I’ve pledge before, I’m going to do it again. Blog, update, weekly, check.

3) National high school examination (STPM) result was released on Monday. No word yet on the performance of my high school. Students are as usual, clueless and indecisive.

4) Found out that my mid semester break was going to be 2 weeks later, which is after week 4 of this semester. Do anyone find the logic of placing the break so early; what’s funny is that at the next semester, the break would be on week 11 ( one semester comprise of 13 weeks). Maybe Australians have different way of presenting halves or somebody have a serious math problem.

5) Volunteered for an exhibition, One Life, hosted by World Vision Malaysia.  I’ll will write about more of that at a separate post.

Till then, hope that the country would be in stability and I would eventually find something to fill in my break. Cheers.


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