Postmortem 101

Failed to garner votes from the people, the Malaysia coalition party was keen to find out on the humiliating defeat by the opposition party, which had a winning drought for almost 35 years. A so called postmortem was conducted to analyze their “abrupt” defeat. I say save the time, let me list down the top three reason based on what I’ve overheard, that the coalition party wish it was THE reason:

#3 : ” If you hate that party, all you do is pangkah (crosss) em !” – from a kampung guy

I have a confession to make. I’ve just found out that after a number of election later, my father still doesn’t know how to mark the ballot paper, and who doesn’t have this trouble before, heck, when I was young, I always thought I should tick instead of cross ’cause that’s seem the right way to do. Unfortunately, many people still think they should circle, tick or write a essay not more than 100 words for each boxes.  That’s also the reason why many votes are scraped as useless votes. Nonetheless, people still need to vent their unsatisfactoriness against the government but please people, not during election day.

#2 : ” The vote counters are dumb! Look at them, they need to recount…” – from anonymous party supporter

It’s 8pm. And the votes aren’t in. The tele shows the coalition party had already won 3 seats while opposition party’s future seems bleak, very bleak indeed. Then I logged on to a pro-opposition news website (*cough* Malaysiakini *cough*) and the news of political tsunami was underway. Huh? How could that have happened? Then I recall, Malaysia have been criticized by international electoral watchdog, that the country has not been practicing democratic election; acquiring most of the government assets and media coverage for campaign. And it struck me. The coalition party had to recount every single vote to make sure that didn’t ACTUAL lose to the opposition. So basically the news have been showing that the coalition party was leading by a big margin ( but it was true as they swept all but one of the states in the East Peninsula ). However, that’s just a lame excuse to say because by right every vote needs to be recounted if either party had won, simply because of fairness; but to blame it on the election committee that way, that’s just sore loser.

And the #1 excuse of all time : ” This year we launched a man into space. Must support rocket, or moon… “ – from a passerby, kampung or no kampung.

Seriously, this is the lamest excuse of all but nonetheless, some believe this is what’s happening to our country; having first world amenities but third world mentality. When I told this to my friends, they thought it was a just joke, but think again; most Malaysians are busy with life: work, study, or just play, they are not as politically tuned. Surveys has shown that teenagers are not interested in politics as much as the elders do, and that worries people: If they are not vote for people they think will lead the country, what are they going to base on to vote? President John F. Kennedy won the election at 1960 against Nixon but the people who listen the radio thought that Nixon has already won as he was well spoken. The reason? In tele, Nixon refuses makeup because he thought it was gay; and Kennedy won because he was more physically appealing to the audience. History thought us one thing; habits die hard. Residents in rural areas tend to vote by identifying symbols and since the government has been promoting astronomies ever since last year, maybe it was a good choice to vote for something related to it. Now that’s just plain bad luck, because the coalition party had a scale, the opposition has a rocket and three moons.

Waste not of money and time, for what has been done is done. Now it’s time to know the consequences of your own mistakes.

The post above is solely for entertainment purpose only, though some facts are true. 


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