Slow Dance

Life can hit you hard anywhere, anytime. Today I’ve just a shook on the shoulders, though bitten and twice thrown. Here’s two things that I’ve never expect to find out:

1. Get your honors, no matter what they say out there.

I had a laboratory tutor which owns a food stall at out cafeteria. Period. End of story.

He had an Electrical Engineering degree, the same piece of paper that I’m pursuing right now and there he was; every morning he had to wake up quite early to get the daily groceries sent to the stall and by afternoon, in all sweat and tiredness, sometimes he would exchange his apron for a check shirt. I think he would have jolly teach us in his cooking attire if we wouldn’t mind that our very education is in a cook’s hands.

He came into class today and as usual, though carried a face of clueless and somewhat disorientated mind, he directed us to conducted the experiment in our own understanding. Some student might get infuriated by the way of teaching; ” We didn’t even no what resistor value to use, how are we suppose to conduct the lab?” or “Sir, we don’t know how to do. The lab sheet doesn’t provide anything useful. Are we learning anything useful here?”, these where the cries of the spoon-feds.

Today was a bit special. After half an hour, at the midst of discussing about how many students had fail the unit because they didn’t bother about the laboratory session marks, I guess, he told us something that it had been close to his heart for a long time.

“Count your honors now and see what you’d get. Last time when I was studied this course, I didn’t realize that honors are so important. Back then, it was all football and didn’t care less about grade until at some point, during third year, when you do finally decide to calculate your honors, it’s too late.” “Even an average student since the beginning could even up having high honors.” A person couldn’t might not recollect exact words said, but surely the face of a remorse and the regretful is hard to not to feel pity.

Sure, people had said that grade are not much of importance, it the education that you benefited is whats’ needed in the future. That said, of course human that we are, still there’s a need for pre-assessments, and that where grades and honors are deem important. After that, they’ll just put aside your papers that you have meticulously collected over the years, and says “Please sit down, and talk”. Not much of a surprise there, since humans do communicate through speech conversation. If you miss that part, that means either you have a first class honor grade, or either that you really need to rethink about life.

Then the tutor ask, ” Hey, I got job vacancy at my stall. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. 4 dollars per hour. ”

Seriously need to rethink about my life.

2. No matter how hard we run away from, it always finds us, again.

I always had strange timetables, that placed my breaks in between of lunch and classes. Therefore, it natural for me to run from places to place, especially since the university’s cafeteria food are not cheap. So, I had to walk 5 minutes everyday just to get a fix.

The thing was that every time I rush to get something to eat, I’ll end up at the same pace as just plaining walking from point A to B. (Warning, geeky stuff ahead) Just like the theory of air drag that we learn at first year engineering, the faster you go, the more drag the person will experience; therefore that said what would be the optimal running speed? Say that you are on the road, and there’s the impose of a speed limit. If you would drive as mad as possible, probably everyone here thinks they’re racing, then at some point you’ll get stop by motorist who are law abiding citizen, or end up at the red light. So, what’s the lesson here? (End of geeky stuff)

Easy. Don’t be a worry-wart. As long as you conform to average, there’s always that empty road ahead to let you accelerate away, break free. There’s where everyone these days couldn’t comprehend, even for myself, and they’ll end up like this:


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