Vietnam Trip – Departure

It’s been so long since I actual wrote something concrete on my blog, but ever since last week’s trip, it has once again spurred me on to write again! Of course, being the kampung that I am, this is my first actual flight on an airplane, and the exprience is much the same as seeing Kuala Lumpur the first time, those skyscrappers that small city lacks, this is a country mouse trip.

Nobody likes a long post, so I’ll segmentize the post and try my best to reaccount my travel, and boy, do I have a lot to write about. The destination was Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and the point of origin, our nation pride and joy of cheapstakes, LCCT. Why so, just the name itself, Low Cost Carrier Terminal, compliments what is to be expected. And sure enough, for once, Malaysian are honest about the things they exhibits. Just look at the size of KFC at the main terminal and BoD (blue screen of death for those non-nerds) on the LCD screens, what a sham.

KFC in LCCT. Immitating ramen bar.

KFC in LCCT. As small as the beverage station beside it. Immitating ramen bar maybe?

Gotta love XP. Time to change to Linux or Macs maybe?

Gotta love XP. Time to change to Linux or Macs maybe?

After ranting about the airport for 2 hours, finally we got to board on the plane. Since this is AirAsia and it’s a economic flight, couldn’t expect too much from it. The two way ticks cost around RM 811 after taxes and all. It was a bit tad expensive since we book quite late and it’s holiday season but I guess it was all worth it since it’s my first trip out. I’ll been tagging along with my friend’s mom and brother; since he’s in UK, I make a very good substitute.

Trip trio

Trip trio

Everyone like luxuries and if given a chance, some people would eventually squeeze every little essence out of everything, including economic flights. Want to fly first class but don’t have the bucks to do so, learn from these masters. Intentionally or not, they had the whole three seats for themselves and few minutes after take off, they change their flight from economic to first class.

First class baby.

First class baby.

On cheap streak, AirAsia even offers to sell sourvenirs and food on board. All I can say is, poor airplane. Not everyone appreciate the recurring memory of an airplane attached to a block, that makes it look like crashing into it.

Bad omen waiting to happen

Bad omen waiting to happen

After all those rants, now we can go to the part where I really, really like about my first flight. When I was young, I always gaze upon the skies, admiring the art which God has painted on the atmosphere. Call me Susie, but I do really miss the moment of looking at clouds, shaping to any form, mimicking nature. When the plane hits maximum altitude, it hit me back home as well. Where does the earth ends and heaven begins?


Sea of cascading clouds 🙂

Worlds apart.

Worlds apart.

The flight was around an hour and 45 minutes, and when we arrive at Ho Chi Minh airport, it was dark already and the city lits up, inviting us for a great journey ahead. More on next post!


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